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College Essay Writing- Seven Tips for Better Writing


  1. Make sure you fully understand every word used in your essay. A large vocabulary is impressive, but when words are used in the wrong context they have a negative effect on your writing.

  2. Use transitions sentences and transition words (furthermore, like, also, additionally, etc) between paragraphs to tie them together. Transitions will help your writing flow.

  3. Vary your sentence structure. Use simple, complex, and compound sentences to pace your writing and make it more exciting.

  4. Stay away from empty sentences. Every sentence should be well thought out and packed with new information.

  5. Avoid using the same words repeatedly. If necessary, use a thesaurus to find synonyms.

  6. Know the rules of punctuation and grammar. If you are unsure about anything, look it up.

  7. Read your essay aloud and proofread as you write. Listen carefully to how it sounds and correct problems as you go.
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