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What Are Rolling Admissions?

Rolling Admissions Explained


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Rolling admissions are a type of admissions policy. Business schools that use a rolling admissions policy review applications as they receive them.

How Rolling Admissions Work
Some business schools have multiple "rounds" or deadlines during the admissions process. Business schools with rolling admissions do not.

With rolling admissions there is typically only one deadline. For example, schools may accept applications between January 30 and April 30.

How to Deal with Rolling Admissions

When dealing with rolling admissions, it is important to remember that admissions committees will be reviewing applications as they come in. This means the decisions will be made and seats will be filled throughout the admissions process.

If you wait until the last minute to submit your application in a rolling admissions situation, there is a good chance that the majority of seats will already be filled.

Bottom Line
It is always better to submit your application early when you are working with a school that uses rolling admissions.

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