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Guide to Your Career

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The Bottom Line

The Princeton Review publishes many useful guides. One of their best is Guide to Your Career. Featuring detailed information on over 240 professions, this book will prove to be an asset to anyone who is looking for a satisfying career.


  • Well-formatted and easy to use


  • There are no cons to this book. Anyone serious about choosing a career will find it useful.


  • Written by Alan B. Bernstein, C.S.W., P.C. and the Editors of The Princeton Review
  • Published by The Princeton Review/Random House Inc
  • Profiles 240 occupations
  • Includes a career indicator questionnaire

Guide Review - Guide to Your Career

The 6th edition of Guide to Your Career combines self-assessment tests and career advice with 240 job profiles to help you find the perfect career.

Written by Alan B. Bernstein, C.S.W., P.C. and the Editors of The Princeton Review, the books helps you examine your interests and research occupations most suited to them. Guide to Your Career begins with a comprehensive self-assessment test (The Birkman Career Style Summary) based on a successful program that has helped more than 500,000 people choose and start a career. After you have established which of the four Birkman types you are, you are assigned one of four colors: red, yellow, green, or blue.

The next section of the book, Career Options, provides profiles of 240 different occupations. The profiles are organized into four color-coded sections, each one featuring one of the four Birkman Career Styles types/colors.

The best part about each job profile is the amount of information that is covered: a job description and an overview of work activities after 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years. Also included are education/skills requirements, average salaries, employer information, and other details that are relevant to the field.

Readers will also enjoy the seven Top Ten job lists that include: Top Ten Jobs for Type-A Personalities, Top Ten Jobs for People People, Top Ten Jobs for People Who Like to Keep Learning.

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