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Writing Smart

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The Bottom Line

Writing Smart is a must have for anyone who struggles to write essays, business letters, research papers, or project proposals.
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  • Revised and updated 2nd Edition
  • Includes sound advice on writing and editing
  • Versatile


  • The subject of grammar is barely touched upon


  • Subtitle: Your Guide to Great Writing
  • Written by: Marcia Lerner
  • Published by: The Princeton Review/Random House

Guide Review - Writing Smart

Writing Smart: Your Guide to Great Writing is exactly what the name implies. This Princeton Review book offers great advice on writing and a step-by-step guide that will lead you through the entire writing process from start to finish.

The book also includes very specific tips for different types of writing. There are sections on everything from essays, articles, and research papers to lab reports, project proposals, and professional letters.

Writing Smart is written well and contains information that will be easy for the average reader to comprehend. Editing drills, recommended reading lists, and written examples are also included at the end of each chapter to further enforce everything you have learned.

The only downside to Writing Smart is the lack of grammar and usage instruction. Though the book touches on the subject, it does not cover it well.
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