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Prepare to Be a Millionaire

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The Bottom Line

Prepare to Be a Millionaire is a good book for business school students and entrepreneurs who want to learn about proven strategies from people who have reached millionaire status.
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  • Includes step-by-step instructions from self-made millionaires
  • A one-of-a-kind book


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  • Written by Tom Spinks, Kimberly Spinks Burleson, and Lindsay Spinks Shepherd
  • Published by Health Communications Inc.
  • 392 pages

Guide Review - Prepare to Be a Millionaire

Prepare to Be a Millionaire expands on Tom Spinks’ award-winning magazine Millionaire Blueprints.

The book offers an inside look at how millionaires in seven different industries (Internet marketing, real estate, inventions, products and manufacturing, service, food service, and arts and entertainment) achieved success and millionaire status.

Through question and answer sessions and step-by-step blueprints, the millionaires will teach you how you can become a millionaire too. They give detailed information on funding, marketing, manufacturing, pricing and much more.

Prepare to Be a Millionaire is a unique book. I would recommend it to business school students, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to grow a business.
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