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Best Non-US Business Schools

A Ranking of the Best Non-US Business Schools


There are a number of great business schools outside the United States. Here is a list of the best non-US business schools. Each school offers at least one high-quality program for business students.


World famous for their international MBA, INSEAD has two campuses – one in Singapore and one just outside of Paris. Students of INSEAD can study at either campus, travel between both, and participate in an exchange program with Wharton. The MBA program is accelerated and lasts only one year. Management, finance, and global economics are the primary focuses.

2. London Business School

Considered to be one of the best non-US business schools in existence, London Business School offers solid preparation in global business. Students can choose from seven areas of concentration during their second year and have the opportunity to be educated by a world-renowned faculty.


ESADE Business School has long been considered to be one of the best non-US business schools for students wishing to earn an International MBA. The school is also renowned for its marketing program and strong emphasis on teamwork.

4. IMD

The IMD International Institute for Management Development is probably best known for the preparation offered in entrepreneurship and global economy studies, but the school offers an excellent education for any students. IMD focuses on real world business education, teamwork, and leadership skills.

5. Queen's Business School

In recent years, Canada's Queen's School of Business has earned a reputation as one of the best non-US business schools in the world. Queen's emphasizes team-based learning and offers solid preparation in a variety of disciplines. Professors are accessible and considered leaders in their respective fields.

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