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Earning an MBA Degree Online


Can I Earn an MBA Degree Online?
Yes. There are many online schools and campus-based institutions that give students the option of earning an MBA degree online. Courses are typically taken entirely online, though some schools do require students to make a periodic appearance on campus. Read more about online MBA programs.

What Are the Advantages of Earning an MBA Degree Online?
There are many advantages to earning your MBA degree online. A few of the most notable are:
  • You can attend class on your schedule. If you're energetic, you may even be able to continue to work while you earn your MBA degree online.
  • You won't be limited by the city you live in. You'll be able to choose an MBA program that fits your needs rather than your location.
  • The cost of earning an MBA degree online will be lower than the costs associated with a campus-based program--you won't have commuting costs or the temptation to spend money on the way to school. Tuition is usually cheaper as well.
Read more about the advantages of getting your MBA degree online.

What Are the Disadvantages of Earning an MBA Degree Online?
Although there are many advantages to earning an MBA degree online, there are just as many disadvantages. The biggest drawbacks are:
  • Earning a degree online, particularly an MBA degree, requires a great deal of motivation and self-discipline.
  • Not every school offers an online option to MBA students. This could make it difficult to find a program that's a good fit.
  • Classroom interaction is often limited to forums or chat rooms.
Will I Be Able to Get a Job If I Earn an MBA Degree Online?
Yes. Most online MBA programs provide the same quality education as campus-based programs. Many online programs also have career services and recruiting events to help students find employment after graduation.

One of the best ways to determine how you will be received by employers after earning a degree from a particular program is to speak with alumni of that program. Former students will be able to share their job hunting experiences and educate you about your prospects. You can also ask the school for career placement statistics to learn exactly what your chances are of getting a job fresh out of school. Read more about getting a job with an online degree.

Where Can I Earn an MBA Degree Online?
There are too many options to list them all right here. However, there are pages on this site and others that you can visit to learn about some of the schools that award MBA degrees online: How Can I Choose an Online MBA Program?
Choosing where to get your MBA degree online can be difficult. There are thousands of schools and programs to choose from. The best thing you can do is find an MBA degree program that fits your learning style and future career path. This will inevitably involve a great deal of research on your part. Special things to pay attention to include:
  • Accreditation - Finding an accredited school is a good way to ensure a quality education. You should never earn an MBA degree online from a school that is not accredited by the proper authorities.
  • Curriculum - Choosing a program with courses that interest you is essential. You don't want to choose a program that only offers courses in business management if you're interested in a career in marketing.
  • Course Delivery - How is instruction delivered? Will you have enough interaction with your professors and fellow students?
  • Cost - The cost of earning your MBA degree online can vary from program to program. Be sure to compare costs and financial aid packages prior to enrolling.
  • Academic Support - When earning an MBA degree online, it is essential that you have a support staff that you can turn to when you have questions, concerns, or problems. Be sure to choose a program that guarantees some type of academic support to students who are struggling.
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