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Business Majors: Marketing

Marketing Information for Business Majors


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Marketing professionals are the backbone of a successful business organization. Business majors who choose to specialize in marketing will focus on how to attract customers and promote products/services. This path can be very attractive to business majors who aren't sure what type of industry they want to work in after graduation.

Marketing Coursework
Business majors who specialize in marketing usually take courses that focus on advertising, merchandising, promotion, statistical analysis, and mathematics. Most marketing programs also integrate case studies into the curriculum.

Educational Requirements
Educational requirements for business majors who want to work in the field of marketing vary depending on the type of organization and industry the student is interested in working in upon graduation. To get an idea of what may be expected from you in different degree or certificate programs, and to learn what kind of job and salary you are likely to obtain after earning a degree or certificate, follow these links: Marketing Programs for Business Majors
Marketing is a very popular option for business majors, which means that finding a marketing program shouldn't be too difficult. The majority of programs can be found at colleges and universities, however, there are some trade schools and career colleges that offer marketing courses for business majors.

Working in Marketing
The type of job that can be obtained after graduation from a marketing program will depend upon the degree, diploma, or certificate that was obtained. Some of the most popular occupations in the field include marketing manager and marketing research analyst.

Additional Career Information
To learn more about working in the marketing field, see the job profile for Marketing Research Analysts

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