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Business Majors: Public Relations

Public Relations Information for Business Majors


Public relations is a worthwhile specialization for business majors who have an interest in marketing, advertising, and communication. Public relations (PR) professionals have the important responsibility of nurturing relationships between a company and its clients, customers, shareholders, the media, and other important parties central to a business.

Public Relations Coursework
Business majors who want to work in public relations will need to learn how to create, implement, and follow through with a public relations campaign. Courses will generally center on topics like marketing, promotional writing and communication, graphic appeal, and advertising.

Educational Requirements
Business majors interested in working in the public relations field will be well-served with a 4-year degree. A master's degree or an MBA degree is advisable for students interested in a high-up position. A dual degree in public relations and advertising or public relations and marketing may also be beneficial.
To get an idea of what will be expected from you in each program, follow these links: Public Relations Programs for Business Majors
Business majors interested in pursuing a public relations specialization should have no problem locating degree programs at any level. Students interested in working for a specific company should do some research to see which schools that company typically recruits from.

Working in Public Relations
Public relations professionals can work for a specific company or for a PR firm that handles a wide variety of companies. Professionals with a respected degree and a good understanding of various marketing concepts will have the best job opportunities.

Additional Career Information
To learn more about working in public relations, visit the Public Relations Society of America website.

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