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Business School Case Studies

Overview of Case Studies for Business School


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Business school case studies are usually written specifically for instructional use. Harvard, Stanford, and many other business schools use the case study method within their curriculum.

What Is a Case Study?

A case study is a detailed account of a company, industry, person, or project over a given amount of time. The content within a case study may include information about company objectives, strategies, challenges, results, recommendations, and more. A business school case study may be brief or extensive, and may range from two pages to 30 pages or more.

Why Case Studies?

Business Schools use case studies to teach students how to assess business situations and make decisions based upon those assessments. Students may work with as many as 800 case studies during a two-year MBA program.

Case Study Samples

Case study samples can inspire you and help you decide where to start your project. Here is a list of places to find free case study samples

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