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Top 5 Free Case Study Samples


Case study samples can inspire you and help you decide where to start your project. Here is a list of websites that offer free case study samples for business majors.

1. Business Case Studies

This site includes hundreds of case studies for business in a PDF format. Each case study can be viewed in its entirety and is a great reference for anyone looking for detailed case study samples.

2. CasePlace.org

CasePlace.org is a free service for business school students. Members of CasePlace.org can view sample case studies that have been categorized by topic and discipline. This site also contains a nice reference section and a spot to bookmark cases of interest.

3. The Times 100 Case Studies

This site contains an interesting selection of case studies examples that apply real business theories. Recognizable companies round out the case study library that offers studies of various lengths and topics.

4. Schroeder Inc

This is the site of a private firm of consultants who have provided examples of some of the case studies that they have done for various organizations. Topics include: Business Planning, Growth Planning, Organizational Instruction, Integrating Acquired Companies, Operational Planning, etc.

5. Usability Case Crawler

This site contains a small selection of interesting case studies from companies or organizations interested in HCI education. You can also use the search function to quickly find examples specific to your project.

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