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Case Study - Top Links for Case Studies

Case Studies - Are you conducting a case study? The Internet has a lot of information to help you with your business case study research and analysis. Find links with company information, financials and everything else that you need for a good case study. Also find links to SWOT analysis for your case study.
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Case Studies
This is a collection of top notch resources for business case studies.
Are You Writing A Case Study?
Writing a case study can be a daunting task, especially for those who have not done it often. However, there are a few standard things that you can do upfront so that you hit the ground running.
How To Write A Case Study
So here you are all ready to write a case study, but somehow the pen (or the keyboard) does not seem too friendly anymore. Where do you begin? What do you say? If that sounds even remotely familiar, read this list of points to understand how to write a case study.
Business Case Studies
I have read hundreds of Business Case Studies written by college business majors and MBA students. One very interesting aspect of these Business Case Studies is the way different students deal with the fact that they are dealing with a 'business.'
Case Study Questions
Whenever presented with business case studies, you must seek answers to some very fundamental questions. This is a list of important case study questions.
Case Study: Resources for Case Studies
Are you preparing for a case study based project? Naturally, you will surf the Internet to relevant information. However, there is just too much info out there. I went ahead and searched the Internet for authoritative data that would help you with your case study. All the time, keeping in mind that it would be best to give you a few highly relevant links rather than being encyclopedic.
Understand SWOT analysis
SWOT analysis is commonly used by business students for their reports and presentations. Practicing managers too use SWOT for macro analysis of companies and business issues. This article lists the basic principles of SWOT. It also helps you kick start your analysis by using checklists.
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