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Case Study Samples - Sample Case Studies for Business Majors

Looking for case study samples or a sample case study analysis? You've come to the right spot. This sub-category offers a wide range of case study samples and a directory of case study resources.

Free Case Study Samples for Business Majors
Case studies are a large part of the business school curriculum and sometimes it can be hard to decide how you should format a particular project. Luckily, there are many case study samples available online. These websites in particular offer excellent examples of case studies.

Case Studies - MBA Case Study Directory
MBA Case Studies: Looking for info on MBA case studies? Here is a collection of links to MBA case study references.

MBA Case Studies from Top Business Schools
MBA case studies are published by many of the world's top business schools. This list will help you locate MBA case studies around the web.

Case Study Sample - Michelle Mone and MJM International
Great case study sample for business school students. This case study details the start-up and growth of MJM International a manufacturing business selling female lingerie. Case study created and distributed by the University of Stirling.

Case Study - Chic McSherry and Prosys Business Solutions
Looking for case study samples? This case study tells the story of the development of a software company business and the actions taken by the company's founder to save the business post 911. Case Study created and distributed by the University of Stirling.

Case Study - Leonardo & Co.
Case study sample courtesy of University of Stirling. This is a must see case study for management and finance students details the rise and fall of a chain of restaurants in terms of turnover and employee numbers. You'll also find links to more case study samples.

Case Study - Stephen Ritchie and the Enrich Group
Looking for a good case study sample focusing on entrepreneurship? This case study is perfect. Courtesy of the University of Stirling, the case study focuses on young entrepreneur Stephen Ritchie and his desire to create a world class company.

Case Study - David Raines
Interesting case study sample courtesy of the University of Stirling. Details the story of senior manager David Raines who wishes to start his own business. Students can examine the case study and decide whether or not Raines' franchise venture is worthy.

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