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3 Tips for Choosing a College

Finding a College That Matches Your Needs


Finding a college that matches your needs is extremely important. When you choose a college that is well suited to your academic and career goals, you greatly increase your chances of getting admitted. You'll also get much more out of the whole college experience.

While choosing a college can be very overwhelming, there are many things you can do to narrow the selection. Here are 3 tips for choosing a college that you can try out today:

Pick up a College Guide
A good college guide can help you choose a college by offering detailed school profiles. You'll learn about the programs offered, tuition costs, campus culture, and much more. College guides that I recommend include: Complete Book of Colleges, America's Best Value Colleges, and Best 361 Colleges

Visit the School's Website
You can't choose a college without knowing what type of programs they offer. One of the easiest ways to get this info is through the school's website.

Talk to College Students
If you want to get the skinny on a college, you need to talk to one or more of the people who attend the school. They can give you the type of information that you'll never find in a college brochure.

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