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50 Resources for MBA Applicants

Prepare to Get Accepted



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  • GMAT Test 101 - Find out what the GMAT test is, how important your score is, and how you can get a better score.
  • Create Your Own GMAT Prep Materials - Creating your own materials is cheap and easy. It can also be the best way to prepare for the GMAT. This article offers tips to help you make your own prep materials.
  • Free GMAT Practice Questions - If you have trouble with math-related questions, these practice questions (with detailed explanations) will help.
  • Free GMAT Math Course I - This free GMAT course focuses exclusively on math. The course is delivered via email and takes 10 days to complete.
  • Free GMAT Math Course II - This GMAT course is a follow-up to GMAT Math Course I. Like the first course, it is delivered via email and takes 10 days to complete.
  • GMAT Prep Course Discounts - Get access to GMAT prep course discounts that are only available to About.com readers.
  • GMAT Prep Courses - If you are considering taking a GMAT prep course, this page can help you evaluate your prep course options.
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