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How To Evaluate a Business School


Choosing a school can be difficult and time consuming. Once you have narrowed down the field of choices, use this step-by-step process to evaluate each school.
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Here's How:

  1. Read Everything You Can

    Start by visiting the school’s website. You can often find detailed information about their students, faculty, curriculum, and more. If necessary, request additional information. Most schools offer printed promotional materials that will provide a wealth of information to prospective students. Perusing the school’s catalog and course descriptions will also help you analyze the relevancy of the curriculum in relation to your career goals.
  2. Visit the School

    You can learn a great deal about a school by seeing it in person. Visit the campus and research facilities, speak with students and professors, and sit in on classes to learn more about the school’s teaching methods.
  3. Request an Interview

    Some schools offer interviews and counseling sessions to prospective applicants. Arrange one if you can. This will give you an opportunity to talk to the administrative staff about the school’s concentration and career placement record.
  4. Research Future Opportunities

    If you know the type of companies that you are interested in working for after graduation, visit their website or talk to their human resources department to find out if they hire graduates from specific schools or programs. Then match these facts and figures against the school that you are evaluating.

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