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Top 5 MBA Schools- Marketing


Every year business schools receive rankings from various organizations and publications. These rankings are determined by a variety of factors and can be very useful when choosing a business school or MBA Program. Here are the top picks from you About Guide to Business Majors.

1. Kellogg (Northwestern)

Most well known for their ever evolving curriculum, Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University) keeps pace with the ever-changing business world and has introduced more than 50 new courses since 1995.

2. Wharton

Renowned for innovative teaching methods and a wide range of academic programs and resources, Wharton boasts the world’s largest and most cited faculty.

3. Harvard

Harvard employs a learning process known as the case method. The case method is an interactive approach to business study that brings reality into the classroom.

4. Tuck (Dartmouth)

Famous for their small class size and close-knit community, Tuck is one of the most selective and prestigious business schools within the U.S.

5. Ross (University of Michigan)

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business offers a wide range of curriculum along with advanced elective courses. They also boast an exciting leadership program that allows students to engage with professors and experts in a variety of important fields.

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