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MBA MBA Essay for McCombs

Why an MBA?


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Writing your MBA application essay can be tough. In most cases, you are given a prompt, but it can still be hard to decide where to get started. If you need inspiration, try reading through a few sample application essays. (For educational purposes only; do not plagiarize.)

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McCombs MBA Essay Prompt

Explain how obtaining an MBA at the McCombs School of Business will assist you in achieving your personal and/or professional life goals. Why is now the best time for you to pursue this degree?

Sample MBA Essay for McCombs

My resignation from pcOrder.com, a startup focused on providing software and services to the computer industry channel, began a chain of events that led to my current objective of attending business school. I was initially drawn to pcOrder.com by its dynamic culture and fast-paced growth rate. The lure of stock options and the promise of an IPO were appealing as well. As it turned out, the dreams of a successful IPO materialized in February of 1999. The company's market capitalization skyrocketed overnight. At the time of my resignation, coworkers and friends questioned my sanity. Why would you leave valuable unvested stock options on the table? they asked. The reason was simple. I had lost all faith in pcOrder.com's business model, and I wanted change. A little over one year later, the company's parent, Trilogy, acquired all outstanding shares of the company at a fraction of their all-time high. Like so many other startups with no viable business plan, pcOrder.com disintegrated after initial sparks of false hope.

Although I learned a great deal and enjoyed my overall experience at the company, some of the difficulties I encountered caused me to question my future in technology. Using some of the money I earned from the sale of my pcOrder.com shares, I took some time off to contemplate which path I should follow next. This gave me the opportunity to visit people and places across the country, while meeting with friends and acquaintances in various fields to discuss their own career paths and seek their advice. Out of this period of introspection came the conclusion that my desire to work with technology was still intact, but that my approach should change.


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