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35 Online Resources for Aspiring Managers

Books, Blogs, Courses, and Other Resources for Managers


Interested in becoming a manager? There are many different resources for aspiring managers online. Here are 35 sites worth checking out today:

General Resources for Managers
  • About Management - About.com's Management site features information about managing people, money, and organizations.
  • Free Management Library - The Free Management Library has information on more than 650 topics, including leadership, management development, employee performance, and management methods.
  • American Management Association - The American Management Association is dedicated to providing management education. Offerings include seminars, books, and self-study courses.
  • BetterManagement - This site offers articles, education resources, and live business conferences. BetterManagement covers a wide range of management topics and disciplines.
  • Economist.com - The Economist is a great place to keep up on management news.
Climbing the Corporate Ladder
  • Will You Get Promoted Test - Blogger Penelope Trunk offers an interesting and fun test for people who are wondering whether or not they will get promoted.
  • Quint Careers - Quint Careers offers 10 strategies for getting yourself promoted in this helpful article.
  • iVillage - iVillage devotes an entire section of their site to getting career promotions. The section includes a wide range of articles, tips, and quizzes.
  • AskMen.com - This site offers a brief guide (four tips) to climbing the corporate ladder.
  • Climb the Ladder - Aspiring managers who are having trouble climbing the corporate ladder in real life might enjoy this cheeky game from Monster.
Management Blogs
  • Management IQ - This BusinessWeek blog discusses the latest in management trends and teaches readers how to manage smarter.
  • Coaching Tip - This blog helps current and future managers stay motivated by providing regular coaching tips and advice. Coaching Tip is a really good place to learn more about leadership development.
  • Three Star Leadership Blog - The Three Star Leadership Blog offers advice for bosses at all levels.
Networking Resources
  • Linked In - Other managers network on LinkedIn, and you should too. This site is the best place for aspiring managers to network online.
  • Net Party - This site offers information about in-person networking events for young business professionals.
  • Networking for Professionals - NFP offers opportunities to network online and in person with other business professionals.
  • XING - This site is a good place to socialize and organize your business contacts. More than 7 million people worldwide have joined XING.
  • Ziggs - Ziggs is a great place for aspiring managers to build a brand online.
Leadership and Management Books
  • The Three Laws of Performance - Readers who need motivation should take a look at The Three Laws of Performance. This book will change the way you think about leadership and performance.
  • Barack, Inc. - Obama did it and you can too--all you need is this book, which teaches winning lessons of the Obama campaign. Learn how to be cool, be social, and be the change.
  • Why Should the Boss Listen to You? - Although this book is written for strategic advisors, it is a good read for anyone who wants to learn how to get noticed by the boss.
  • The Leadership Experience - Written by experienced managers, this book teaches readers how to lead themselves and other people--a great resource for aspiring managers.
  • Remarkable Leadership - Written by a leadership specialist, this book will show you how to unleash your leadership potential.
Free Management Courses
  • Small Business Association - The SBA offers a number of free management courses that can be taken online. Other courses options cover subjects like accounting, finance, and e-commerce.
  • Sloan School of Management - MIT's Sloan School of Management offers hundreds of free online courses for aspiring managers. Most courses include assigned reading, lectures, study materials, tests, and other self-study resources.
  • Kutztown University SBDC - Kutztown University's Small Business Develop Center has nearly 100 free courses for business students and managers.
  • Open University - The UK's Open University offers dozens of free business and management courses to self-learners around the world. Most courses include readings and other study materials.
  • EduChoices - This education site offers a directory of free business and management courses for undergraduate level students.
Paying for Your Management Education
  • Student Aid on the Web - This official government portal is the best place to learn about scholarship and grant opportunities from the federal government. The site also offers information about filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • College Board Scholarship Search - The College Board's Scholarship Search feature can help aspiring managers find millions of dollars worth of scholarships, grants, and fellowships from thousands of sources.
  • Scholarship Experts - This scholarship search engine is fast, easy, and free to use. It is widely considered to be one of the best scholarship search engines on the web.
  • FastWeb - Students can search for scholarships on FastWeb and sign up for notifications to be made aware of new scholarships as they become available. The site also offers information and boot camps to teach students how to get more scholarship money.
  • FinAid - FinAid is a public service site with financial aid information, advice, and tools. The site has won several awards and is a great place to learn how you can pay for your management education.
To learn more about becoming a manager or getting a management degree, check out this management degree guide from ManagementDegree.net.
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