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Getting the perfect job after business school can be difficult. You have to deal with internships, recruiters, resumes, job interviews, contract negotiations...the list goes on and on. Then, once you get the job, there is your performance to consider. It's enough to overwhelm anybody. That's why it is always a good idea to seek out as much information and advice as possible. The career resources here will not only help you land a job, but will also help you climb the corporate ladder all the way to the top.
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In or out of school, internships can give you valuable hands-on experience that can't be obtained anywhere else. Internships also give you a chance to try out your business specialization or a particular industry before you make any formal commitments. If you're lucky, you may even get a job offer out of the deal. More than 50 percent of employers lay a full-time job offer on the table when the internship comes to an end. Of course, you'll have to work hard and prepare for the position just like you would prepare for anything else. Here are a few resources that may help.

Job Profiles

Choosing a career can be tricky. Every job is different, and each comes with its own set of pros and cons. If you know you want to work in business, but you aren't sure what type of job you want, check out this collection of job profiles. Each profile includes pertinent information about the job's salary range, required education, economic outlook, and more.

Finding a Job

If you have completed your business school education and are looking for a job, this section should be one of your first stops. Here you will find specialized tips for business graduates, general job search information, salary negotiation guides, and much more.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes are the key to getting a good job in the business world. A polished resume that clearly illustrates your value will stand out and give employers a reason to call you. Not sure where to start? The following resume writing resources will help.

Career References

In the competitive world of business, a career reference can make or break a jobseeker's chances. See what a good career reference looks like and get tips on writing and requesting recommendation letters here.

Job Interviews

Job interviews can be stress inducing. But they don't have to be. With the right amount of preparation, you can get through your next job interview without breaking a sweat.

Effective Leadership

Leading an entire team or company isn't easy. You must be an effective leader if you want others to follow. You can brush up on what you already know and acquire new leadership skills with the following books and articles.

Business Wisdom for Entrepreneurs and Managers

A good book can inspire you to go in directions you never dreamed. The following books provide invaluable business wisdom for entrepreneurs, managers, and other business professionals.

Advice from Business Professionals

Are you interested in hearing what other business professionals think about leadership, hiring, sales, marketing, and other business principles? Look no further than the links below.

Sales Tools and Techniques

Selling is the root of any business. If you are looking for sage advice or techniques that you can implement today, check out these books on sales and marketing.


Icebreakers or icebreaker games are a great way to start off a meeting or seminar. The following provide step-by-step instructions for group icebreakers and tips on how to create your own icebreaker games.

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