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Info and Free GMAT Tests & Vocabulary Tests - Make Learning Fun

Here is GMAT info as well as free test prep. Each one of these free tests is structured like a quiz. Questions that get tougher as you choose correct answers.
Articles & Resources
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GMAT Secrets
This site claims to give you an unfair advantage over other GMAT applicants. It has links to many articles that help you 'crack' the GMAT. Sentence correction secrets, essay grading information, adaptive testing techniques, making the most of test prep classes and other such issues are dealt with here.
From the GMAT Horse's Mouth
The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) creates the GMAT. This is a free flowing interview with David Wilson, CEO of GMAC. Here, he answers a wide range of questions on the latest developments in the GMAT. He also talks about how applicants can maximize their scores.
An Insiders GMAT FAQ
This is a note from GMAC - the makers of the GMAT - to business schools who intend to use GMAT scores as an admission criterion. Hence, it gives you an insider's view on how GMAT scores are used, why GMAT scores are important, multiple attempts, reliability, validity and the like.
Understanding the GMAT Score
This feature lists all that you wanted to know about the GMAT. You will know about validity, reporting, canceling, AWA score, duration of validity, reliability and interpretation. It also describes all the information that is provided to schools as part of the GMAT score report.
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