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Free GMAT Prep - Create Your Own Free GMAT Prep Materials

Tips and Tools for Creating Free GMAT Prep Materials


Why Create Free GMAT Prep Materials?
Free GMAT prep materials are a great way to prepare for the GMAT--especially if you are on a budget. Free materials can supplement a GMAT prep course that you have paid for or simply serve as an alternative if you can't afford a pricey course. Preparing your own materials may also help you better understand and retain the information you are trying to learn.

Useful GMAT Prep Materials
GMAT prep materials are only useful if they meet the following criteria:
  • They are accurate.
  • They cover the material you need to learn.
  • They complement your learning style.
Useful materials may include, but are not limited to: GMAT flashcards, GMAT practice tests, and free GMAT prep courses.

Creating GMAT Flashcards
Flashcards can be a powerful tool for anyone who is trying to memorize information quickly and efficiently. Some of the things you could put on flashcards include vocabulary, mathematical formulas and equations, and GMAT practice questions. You might even be able to commit some of this material to memory simply by writing it down. A few sites and tools that can be used to create free GMAT flashcards include:
  • Printable Flashcards - If you work best with printed flashcards, Flashcard Exchange is the site for you. In addition to offering premade GMAT flashcards, this site also offers a user-friendly tool that creates and prints flashcards quickly and easily.
  • Online Flashcards - This free web tool makes it easy to create, study, and share free GMAT flashcards online.
  • Premade Flashcards - You can download free GMAT flashcards created by other people on BeatTheGMAT.com. The site also offers a weekly challenge and other free practice questions that could be turned into GMAT flashcards.
Creating GMAT Tests
Taking a GMAT practice test is another good way to hone your skills and prepare for the actual GMAT test. If you have access to practice questions (and answers), you can easily create a test or quiz that is tailored to your learning needs. The following tools can be used to create free practice materials:
  • Quiz Maker - You can create your own free online GMAT practice quiz or exam using this popular quiz maker from ProProfs.
  • Test Maker - This online test making site works well for creating quizzes and practice questions with time limits.
  • GMAT Practice Questions - Platinum GMAT, a test prep service, offers hundreds of free GMAT practice questions (with answers) that can be used to create your own free GMAT prep tests.
Finding Free GMAT Prep Courses
Seeking out a selection of free GMAT prep classes may allow you to develop your own course of study. For example, if you need help with math, you can focus on courses that cover this topic. Or if you need help with the verbal section, you could explore courses that include instruction in writing or sentence correction. A few free courses that you could try include:
  • Free GMAT Math Course I - This free GMAT math course consists of ten practice questions and prep tips delivered to your email address over a period of ten days.
  • Free GMAT Math Course II - A follow-up to the above course, this prep course contains ten more questions and test tips and is delivered to your email inbox.
  • Free GMAT Classes and Events - Manhattan GMAT periodically offers free GMAT classes and events around the country. Some classes are also made available to international students.
  • Free Self-Assessment Course - If you aren't sure which areas of the test you need to practice for, this series of free self-assessment modules will help you find the gaps.
More Free GMAT Prep Resources
If you don't have time to make your own GMAT prep materials, you can find premade materials by clicking on the link below. All of the materials on the following list are useful and available free of charge:

7 Free GMAT Materials

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