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Manhattan Review GMAT Prep Course


The Basics:

Manhattan Review offers long, intensive, and crash courses that range from two weeks to nine weeks in length. Courses are available online and in 60 cities and 10 countries around the world. Each course covers both the Math and Verbal portions of the GMAT exam. Other prep options include a self-study program and in-person private tutoring.

What Makes Manhattan Review Prep Different:

There are several things that set Manhattan Review apart from other test prep companies. First, their teachers are among the best in the industry. Second, the company offers more hours (classroom hours + 100+ hours unlimited access to live online recordings) than any other test prep company--their services also tend to be more affordable for most people. Finally, Manhattan Review provides far more than just a test prep class. They also offer an MBA Boot Camp to help applicants polish their MBA application.

Try Manhattan Review GMAT Prep for Free:

Anyone can try Manhattan Review GMAT prep services for free. This test prep company offers monthly free GMAT Strategy and How to Get Into A Top MBA Program workshops. Manhattan Review also offers a free 20 minute MBA candidacy evaluation and allows students to sit in on any of in-person or online class.

Learn More about Manhattan Review:

Interested in learning more about Manhattan Review prep services? Check out this interview with Manhattan Review founder Dr. Joern Meissner.

Get a Discount on Manhattan Review GMAT Prep:

Manhattan Review offers an exclusive 10 percent discount to About.com readers. Click on the link to find out how you can take advantage of this offer:

Manhattan Review GMAT Discount
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