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Icebreaker Games

Icebreakers or icebreaker games can be a wonderful way to ease a group into a meeting, gathering, or seminar. Here you will find an assortment of icebreaker games, as well as information on planning icebreakers and icebreaker games.

Top Icebreaker Games for Groups
Looking for great icebreaker games? Here are the top icebreaker games for groups.

Icebreaker Games – Icebreaker Games for Large Groups
Icebreaker games are a great way to put everyone at ease. Here are two icebreaker games for large groups. If these don't catch your fancy, you'll also find links for other icebreaker games.

Icebreaker Games – Icebreaker Games for Small Groups
Icebreaker games for small groups. Here are two icebreaker games that can be played with small groups. You'll also find links to other icebreakers.

Top 10 Adult Icebreaker Games
Looking for an icebreaker game that isn't downright silly? Check out this list of 10 icebreaker games for adults.

Icebreakers- The Do’s and Don’ts of Icebreakers
A well-chosen icebreaker game can relax the mood, but a poorly chosen icebreaker can have the opposite effect, making people feel nervous and uncomfortable. These do’s and don’ts will help you choose the right kind of icebreakers for your event.

Icebreaker Games – Team Building Puzzler
Icebreaker games give your team an opportunity to work together and have fun in the process. If you need an icebreaker that emphasizes teamwork, this game fits the bill. Also includes additional links to more icebreaker games.

Icebreaker Games – The Ball Game
Looking for classic icebreaker games that are easy to play? Try the Ball Game. It's a great icebreaker for large and small groups. Links to more icebreaker games included.

Icebreaker Games- Teamwork Icebreaker
Icebreaker games make great team building exercises. If you are looking for an icebreaker game based on teamwork, this one is perfect for you. You will also find links to additional icebreaker games.

Icebreaker Games- The Talk Show Icebreaker
This icebreaker game is great for small or large groups. Known as the Talk Show Icebreaker, it can be a big help during the introduction process. You'll also find links to more icebreaker games.

Icebreaker Games – Toilet Paper Icebreaker
Here is an icebreaker game that is sure to get everyone's attention. Known as the toilet paper game, this icebreaker is perfect for large or small groups. You'll also find links to other icebreaker games too.

Icebreaker Games - Time Machine Icebreaker
If you're looking for a fun icebreaker game, the Time Machine Icebreaker Game from the About.com Guide to Continuing Education fits the bill.

Icebreaker Games - Test Your College Smarts
Want to test your college smarts? Here is a fun quiz courtesy of The Princeton Review's ''Best 361 Colleges: 2007 Edition''.

Icebreaker Games - The Three Word Icebreaker
This icebreaker game from the About.com Guide to Continuing Education is designed for large groups. The icebreaker asks every participant to describe themselves in three words.

Icebreaker Games - Photo Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker
Scavenger hunts make great icebreakers. This icebreaker game from About.com Guide Deb Peterson asks icebreaker participants to search for photos.

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