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Icebreaker Games- Teamwork Icebreaker

Use this Icebreaker Game to Promote Teamwork


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Looking for an icebreaker game that incorporates teamwork? If so, this could be the icebreaker game you're looking for. You can use it for both large and small groups. (If you have a relatively large group, try splitting the attendants into smaller groups.)

Teamwork Icebreaker Game
This icebreaker game requires everyone in the group to work as a team. It provides not only a quick energy boost, but also information about how well the team or teams can work together.

The main goal of the Teamwork Icebreaker Game is to get the group to complete a task within a specific amount of time, or if you have more than one team, to see which team can complete an assigned task the fastest.

Sample tasks to try:
  • Build a house of card using 10 cards.
  • Form a line according to height (tallest to shortest or shortest to tallest).
  • Think up and write down 20 words that start with the letter "T".
  • Create and write down 5 questions that have the same answer.

After the icebreaker game ends, ask the teams to describe the strategy they used to work together and accomplish the task.

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