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Icebreaker Games – The Ball Game

Try this Icebreaker Game at Your Next Gathering


If you’re looking for classic icebreaker games, the ball game is for you. This icebreaker game has been around forever and works well with both large and small groups.

How to Play the Ball Game

Ask all of the participants to stand in a circle. Make sure they are not too far apart or too close together. Give one person a small ball (tennis balls work well) and ask them to throw it to someone else in the circle. The person who catches it says their name and throws it to another person who does the same. As the ball moves around the circle, everyone in the group gets to learn one another’s name. Much more fun than name tags!

If the group already knows each other, turn it into a teambuilding exercise by asking everyone to call out these things instead of their name:
  • Their favorite color
  • One thing they like about their job
  • A one word description of themselves
Make it more fun by timing the exercise and seeing how fast the participants can get the ball around the circle.

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