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Icebreaker Games – Icebreaker Games for Small Groups

Try These Icebreakers at Your Next Small Group Gathering


Icebreaker games are an excellent way to begin a meeting, seminar, or any other gathering that is being attended by a group who doesn't know each other very well. If you are looking for icebreaker games for a small group, here are two games you may want to try:

Who Am I
Each member of the group picks a famous, well-known person and writes it on a sticky note. The name should be kept secret. Each person then takes their sticky note and attaches it to another person's forehead.

Taking turns, everyone with a sticky note asks the group questions to determine who they are. Questions should be kept to yes/no. Example:
  • Am I male?
  • Am I alive?
  • Am I a politician?
Members can keep asking questions until they get a no answer or until they guess incorrectly. The winner is the person who can guess their name without getting any no answers or incorrect guesses.

When I Grow Up... As a kid, everyone had something they wanted to be when they grew up. Maybe it was an astronaut, maybe it was a doctor, maybe it was something else. In any regard, many people don't become what they actually aspired to be as a child. Going around the group, have each person answer what their thoughts were as a child, i.e., what did they want to be when they grew up. The answers will be fun and amusing for everyone.

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