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Top 3 Types of Recruiting Interviews


Typically there are three types of interviews that recruiters use to screen job candidates. Though every recruiting interview is different, it is much easier to prepare if you know what to expect.

1. Resume Interviews

Most recruiters use resume interviews. A resume interview focuses heavily on your background, credentials, and work experience. The person conducting the interview will most likely review your resume and ask you to elaborate on specific details and experiences.

2. Fit Interviews

Fit interviews are most often used in the second or final round of recruiting. During fit interviews, the focus turns from your resume to your personality. A fit interview helps recruiters determine how well you will fit in at the company or organization.

3. Case Interviews

Case interviews are frequently used in consulting and investment banking fields. During a case interview, you will be asked to respond to hypothetical problems and scenarios. Case interviews allow recruiters to judge your analytical and your ability to respond under pressure.

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