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Job Profile – Office Administrators


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Job Description:

Office Administrators coordinate activities and employees within an office setting. The exact duties of office administrators vary depending on title, field, level of education, and place of employment.

Salary Range for Office Administrators:

$25,000 - $65,000+

Annual earnings for office administrators are determined by a variety of factors including field, title, place of employment, level of education, and experience.

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Minimum Education:

Associate Degree

Essential Classes for Office Administrators:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Speech/Communications

Job Outlook for Office Administrators:

The job outlook for office administrators is average. The field will change little within the next ten years, and the federal government will continue to be a good source of employment opportunities.

Resources for Office Administrators:

For a career brochure and more information on the field of office administration, contact:

National Management Association
Telephone: (937) 294-0421
Website: www.nmal.org

Jobs for Office Administrators:

To find jobs in the field of office administration, visit http://about.indeed.com

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