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Business School- Types of Business School Degrees


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Earning a business degree can greatly increase your job opportunities and earning potential. There are many different disciplines that can be pursued and combined. The options shown below are the most common business school concentrations/degrees.

With the enactment of new corporate accounting laws in the U.S., accounting degrees are in demand. There are three different classes of accountants: Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and the degree requirements vary for each. Students who earn degrees in accounting will study the aspects of managerial accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, auditing, taxation, and more.

Business Management
Degrees in business management can be pursued singularly or it can be combined with specialized studies. Students who earn business management degrees are prepared for managing positions in a wide range of companies. Advanced degrees can lead to high-paying positions such as CEO and Senior Administrator.

Entrepreneurship degrees often include training that encompasses aspects of accounting, ethics, economics, finance, strategy, operations management, and marketing. Students who acquire a degree in entrepreneurship will be equipped with the knowledge needed to organize and operate a new business venture.

Finance degrees can lead to a variety of jobs in public and private organizations. Job opportunities include investment banker, budget analyst, loan officer, real estate professional, financial advisor, and money market manager. Because this profession is expected to grow at a very fast rate within the next ten years, students who achieve a degree in finance will most likely be in demand.

A degree is marketing is often combined with business management. Students who pursue marketing degrees will learn about advertising, strategy, product development, pricing, promotion, and consumer behavior.

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