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Recommendation Letter FAQ

Are you wondering what makes a good recommendation letter? Do you want to know the best way to ask for a recommendation letter? You can get answers to these questions and more in this collection of recommendation letter FAQ.

What is a Recommendation Letter?
Recommendation letters defined. Find out what a recommendation letter is here.

What Should be Included in a Recommendation Letter?
Whether you are writing a recommendation letter or requesting one from someone else, it can be hard to determine what should be included. Read this FAQ to get the answer.

How Do I Choose a Letter Writer?
Choosing a writer for your recommendation letter can be difficult. Find out how to choose the best recommender here.

Should I Get a Letter from Someone I Know Well or Someone Who is Well Known?
This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in regards to recommendation letters. Keep reading to find out if you should go with a famous name or a familiar face when asking for your letter of recommendation.

When Should I Ask for a Letter of Recommendation?
When is the right time to ask for a letter of recommendation? Can you ask too early? Too late? Find out when to request your letter of recommendation here.

Can You Ask for a Recommendation Letter Via Email?
Asking for Recommendation Letters: Is asking for a recommendation letter via email considered acceptable? Get the answer to this common question here.

Is it OK to Write My Own Letter of Recommendation?
Some people consider writing their own letter of recommendation. Is it ethical? Is it ever acceptable? Find out here.

Is it OK to Lie When Writing a Recommendation Letter?
When people ask for a recommendation letter, they want a glowing reference. What happens if you can't give them one? Find out here whether or not it is okay to lie in a recommendation letter.

How Can I Thank Someone for Writing a Recommendation Letter?
Did you know that it is customary to formerly thank the person who wrote your recommendation letter? Find out the best way to thank you recommender here.

Where Can I Find Sample Recommendation Letters?
Wondering where you can find sample recommendation letters? Find out here.

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