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Make that Blow-the-Socks-Off Resume

Resume advice and tools to get that really really great resume.
Articles & Resources
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Making a Resume
What Goes Into Making a Resume That Looks Good!
Good CV
An Employer's Checklist for a Good CV
A Good Resume
What Makes a Good Resume?
Sample CV
Excerpt from a Sample CV of a Fashion Designer
Resume Cover Page
Get Your Resume Cover Page on the World Wide Web!
You've Got to Lose the Biodata Blues
Resume Writer
Who's a Resume Writer?
Writing Resumes
Ways to Make Writing Resumes More Fun!
Writing a Resume
Common Errors to be Avoided While Writing a Resume
Online Resume
What is an Online Resume?
How to Make a Resume
Beginner's Guide: How to Make a Resume
Resume Formats
5 Tips for Good Resume Formats
Good Resume
HR Talks on a Good Resume
Make a Resume
In 10 minutes - Make a Resume
Resume Objectives
What are Resume Objectives?
Resume Help
Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Seek Resume Help
Resume Sample
Find Common Errors in This Resume Sample
Resume Examples
Read Great Resume Examples Before Writing Your Own
Resume Layout
Landscape Your Resume Layout Like You Would Landscape a Garden
Sample Resume Objective
Find a Sample Resume Objective That's Right for You!
Resume Template
What is a Resume Template?
CV Writing
Dos and Don'ts of CV Writing
Write a CV
How Do You Write a CV?
Bio Data
What is a Bio Data?
Resume Outline
Preparing a Resume Outline
Resume Form
Working With a Resume Form
Job Resume
Write a Job Resume That Gets Results
Resume Objective
What is a Resume Objective Statement?
Resume Tips
Top 10 Resume Tips
Resume Cover Letter Example
Cover Letter Sample 3: Resume Cover Letter Example
Resume Cover Letters
Learn to Write Great Resume Cover Letters
Sample Resume Cover Letter
Cover Letter Sample 2: Sample Resume Cover Letter
Resume Cover Letter
Cover Letter Sample 1: Resume Cover Letter
How to Write a Resume
Find Out How to Write a Resume Like a Pro?
Write a Resume
How do I Write a Resume the Right Way?
Resume Cover
What is a Resume Cover Page
Professional Resume
What is a Professional Resume Format
Engineer Resume
An Engineer Resume That Will Stand Out
Manager Resume
Pointers for a Manager Resume
Student Resume
How to Write a Student Resume
Teacher Resume
A Brilliant Teacher Resume
Resume Writing
Common Errors in Resume Writing
Sample Resume
Find a Sample Resume by Profession
Resume Writing
Checklist for Efficient Resume Writing
Resume Example
The Functional Resume Example
Resume Example
The Chronological Resume Example
Resume Example
Read Resume Example by Type
Five Goals for Good Resumes
Essential Contents of Resumes
What Are Resumes?
Free Resume Writing Course
A resume is usually the first contact that an employer or a college has with you. Hence, resume writing should be taken very seriously. The Business Majors site on About.com is proud to present a comprehensive course in resume writing.
Action Words for your Resume
A resume is a short document. Through it you have to present your case for employment or internship. One of the most important aspects of resume writing is figuring out how it communicates your personality. By using action words, you can convey the image of an enthusiastic achiever. Here is a list of such words.
What is a Resume?
What is a resume? How do you go about creating one? What are the optional sections in a resume? Are there different formats I can use? Find answers to such questions in this article. Also find links to some of the best Internet resources for resume writing.
What are the Sections in a Resume Template?
Your resume template could be an important tool in making your resume stand out. The resume template should consist of relevant sections and information.
The Top 3 Resume Formats
Chronological, Functional, and Combination resume formats are the most common. Find out these are. Also find out which is the best one for you. Find lists of advantages and disadvantages of each resume format.
What is a Chronological Resume?
This is the most common resume format. Find out what it is. Also find out the advantages and disadvantages of a chronological resume.
What is a Functional Resume?
This is often a misunderstood resume format. Find out what it is. Also find out the advantages and disadvantages of a functional resume.
What is a Combination Resume?
This is a refreshing resume format. Find out what it is. Also find out the advantages and disadvantages of a combination resume.
Liar! Liar! Resume on Fire
The lure of lying on your resume is too great. After all, how will anybody find out? No one is going to cross verify 'that'. Control the urge to lie on your resume. What seems like an easy way out today could harm you for the rest of your life. Read more about this.
Good Resumes for Effective Job Search
Here is a great first stop for resumes. Learn about the various sections of a resume. Find out what you should include in each section. After completing the resume process, go through the tips for polishing your resume. Also, see the special note on preparing the electronic resume.
Resume 101
How do you put together a great resume? What are the formats available? Do I mention a short-term job I once had? Find out answers to these and other fundamental resume questions here. Also find links to some of the best Internet resources for planning your career.
Resume Dos and Don'ts
What are recruiters looking for in your resume? Here is a list of the top 10 things in a resume that put recruiters off. With this list, you can stay away from the most common resume errors. Find out what typos, poor formatting, irrelevant personal info and too much information can do to your job hunting process.
Very Basic Resume Stuff
There are a lot of sites out there which help you with the more advanced stuff about resumes. But what about the basic stuff What kind of paper? Is it ok to fold? What if you don't have any good experience to talk about? What if you have had too many jobs?
Masterpiece Resumes
This is a long article, over 60 screens long. It is a detailed excerpt of a book on resume writing. Learn all you ever wanted to know about resumes - focusing on the employer, appearance, personal information, planning sections, stuff you should include and stuff you should not.
Resume Samples
Find several sample resumes here. A special feature of this resource is that it offers before-and-after resume examples. This allows you to see real life resume mistakes and learn how to rectify them. Most people use the traditional chronological resume. Find out whether you should use a functional one instead.
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