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Interview with ManhattanGMAT CEO Andrew Yang


Manhattan GMAT


Manhattan GMAT
There are three main things that set ManhattanGMAT apart from other test prep companies. First, ManhattanGMAT focuses exclusively on GMAT prep. Second, the company hires only the best course instructors. And third, ManhattanGMAT provides a content-based curriculum that teaches students how to solve GMAT problems the way they were meant to be solved.

To learn more about how ManhattanGMAT prep works, I spoke with the company's CEO Andrew Yang. Here's what he had to say about ManhattanGMAT prep courses and tutoring services:

Can you provide us with an overview of the GMAT prep courses and private tutoring services offered though ManhattanGMAT?

Our flagship course meets for three hours, once per week for 9 weeks. It is structured very similarly to a college course, with students expected to complete practice tests and a substantial amount of homework (i.e. approx. 15 hours) outside of class each week. We also offer this course live online - students meet their Instructors each week in an interactive virtual classroom. Private tutoring is available for students who have individualized needs or prefer to learn one-on-one. Students can also purchase any of our materials for self-study.

ManhattanGMAT has a "content-based" curriculum. Can you tell us more about this approach to GMAT prep?

In our experience, test prep methods such as trial and error and backsolving break down on the higher levels of the GMAT, particularly due to the GMAT's adaptive nature. We try to teach students how to solve each problem the way the GMAT intends, rather than trying to game the test. Our curriculum is built around the Official Guides for GMAT Review, published by GMAC (the authors of the GMAT). We took each problem in the Official Guides and categorized it by concept (e.g. prime factorization). We then lay out for students the necessary academic concepts for the GMAT in 8 Strategy Guides. Essentially, we focus on the math that people learned in 8th or 9th grade and haven't used in years, as well as the grammar and logic that many people never learned.

Who teaches your GMAT courses?

In order to be considered for the Instructor position at ManhattanGMAT, one must have a 99th percentile score (760+) on the GMAT as well as prior teaching experience. Candidates who meet these requirements must pass a multi-stage audition process that culminates in a live teaching audition in New York (all candidates are flown in at ManhattanGMAT's expense). Only 1 out of 5 candidates that meets the above standards and enters the audition phase receives an offer from ManhattanGMAT. Even after they receive an offer, successful candidates must undergo a 100+ hour training program and pass an assessment before they are allowed to see students.

This process may sound daunting, but it is how we identify the right people for the job. We attract and retain the best teachers by paying $100/hour plus bonuses; we're committed to paying our teachers the most in the industry. We were founded by a Teach for America alum, so we take teaching very seriously. We believe our teachers are not only the best in test prep, but the best group of teachers anywhere. We'd encourage anyone to go to our site and check out our Instructor bios to get a sense of what we mean.

Does ManhattanGMAT offer a money-back or increased score guarantee?

We don't make any score guarantees. We guarantee that we put forward the best curriculum we can provide taught by an amazing teacher, but at the end of the day a student has to do the work. You'll get out of the course what you put into it.

Can students try a ManhattanGMAT class for free?

Yes, you can show up to any ManhattanGMAT course and see the Instructor in action for the 1st session free of charge. You can do this for any online course too. The only exception to this is in New York, where we have space limitations that prevent us from making this trial class option available.

Why should students choose ManhattanGMAT prep over another GMAT prep course?

We feel that our curriculum and our Instructors are the best in the industry. Our focus on quality has led to a roster of corporate clients that currently includes Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Google, among others. Most of these clients chose us because their employees demanded it. But the best way for an individual student to determine the best option for himself or herself is to ask friends about their experiences. Find people who studied for the GMAT with ManhattanGMAT and/or other companies and get a sense of how we compare. We've always felt that the best marketing we can do is getting students high scores.

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