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The Official SAT Study Guide

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The Bottom Line

There is no substitute for preparation and practice. This study guide can give you both. Once you have taken the practice tests that are included, you will have a better understanding of what the SAT is all about and you will increase your score. If you are only planning to buy one study guide, get this one.


  • The only book available that includes full-length practice tests straight from the makers of the SAT
  • The formatting of the book is well thought out and is easy to read and understand


  • The section on test taking strategies is rather basic


  • 889 pages
  • Written by the College Board
  • Includes information about the changes recently made to the SAT
  • Contains full-length practice tests
  • Free score reports are available with the purchase of the book
  • Offers study tips and test taking strategies

Guide Review - The Official SAT Study Guide

An association known as the College Board administers the SAT to more than 3,000,000 students each year. To help test takers prepare, they have devised a new guide appropriately named The Official Study Guide.

There are eight full-length tests included in the book. The questions in each practice test are very similar to the questions that are on the actual test. To fully benefit from your practice, I would recommend timing yourself and taking each test in one sitting.

Answer keys are also included for each test so you can estimate how you will score. If you want an even better estimate, you can go to www.collegeboard.org and submit portions of the test for scoring.

Besides practice tests, this book includes chapters on test-taking strategies, review approaches, and study tips. Though some of the test-taking strategies are rather basic, they are effective.

Overall, I feel book is an excellent study guide. The instruction within is well thought out and is easy to read and understand. I would recommend it to anyone who is planning to take the SAT.

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