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GMAT Scores- Retaking the GMAT

Should You Retake the GMAT?


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After taking the GMAT, it is only natural to wonder if you could have done better. You are of course allowed to retake the GMAT, but retaking the test may not be as beneficial as you think.

For example, say the average GMAT score of accepted students is 700. Retaking the GMAT and aiming for a 730 when you already scored a 710 isn't really worth your time. However, if you scored a 650 and you retake the test and get a 730, you have helped your chances of acceptance.

No matter what, GMAT scores aren't everything. Business schools base their decisions upon many other factors, including undergraduate school GPA, work experience, interview results, etc. When in doubt, remember this:

Retaking the GMAT is typically not beneficial unless your score is below the median score of your target school.

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