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Top 3 SAT Prep Books


When it comes to the SAT, there is no substitute for preparation and practice. SAT prep books can give you both. Most prep books offer test-taking strategies and SAT practice tests. Get a good SAT prep book and you will most certainly increase your score. Here's a list of some of the best SAT prep books on the market.

1. The Official SAT Study Guide

SAT Test
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Authored by the College Board, the Official SAT Guide is nearly 900 pages of pure SAT prep. It includes drills, strategies, test-taking advice, an expanded math section, a critical reading section, an essay section, and full-length practice tests.

2. The Princeton Review Cracking the SAT

The Princeton Review is known for great test prep books and their SAT guide is no exception. Cracking the SAT offers comprehensive information on each section of the SAT and also includes full-length practice tests. Though the book leans more towards strategy than actual practice, you can still find many valuable tips that will help you ace the SAT.

3. Kaplan SAT Premier Program

Kaplan prep books have always been popular and for good reason. Kaplan is always up-to-date and they run the gamut, offering everything from basic study tips to comprehensive test analysis. The most recent edition of Kaplan SAT contains hundreds of practice questions with detailed answer explanations, lesson summaries, diagnostic tests, and full-length practice tests.

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