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University of Chicago - Graduate School of Business


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Established: 1898
Address: 1101 East 58th Street, Chicago IL 60637
Phone: 773-702-7369
Website: http://gsb.uchicago.edu


The University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business is consistently ranked among the top business schools in the U.S. Most well known for their analytical and quantitative focus, the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business traditionally places about 80% of their graduates in finance and consulting jobs.


MBA Programs
Executive Education Program
Doctoral Program

MBA Programs:

The MBA programs offered at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business are extremely flexible. Students can choose an executive program, a full-time program, a weekend program, or an evening program. Curriculum is also flexible and taught by a world-class faculty.

Executive Education:

The “Chicago Approach to Business Education” focuses on academic theory and real-world application. Those who enroll in Chicago’s Executive Education program can benefit from a wide variety of course offerings.

Doctoral Programs:

Chicago’s Graduate School of Business was the first school to offer a doctorate degree in business. The Doctoral program at Chicago teaches students to become highly skilled researchers. The program requires full-time study and takes approximately five years to complete. Students are encouraged to adapt the program so that it fits their individual needs.


Admissions to the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business are competitive. Get application materials, brochures, and admission assistance, visit the school’s website: http://www.ChicagoGSB.edu

For specialized admissions advice, check out the Admissions Q & A Session with Rosemaria Martinelli, Associate Dean of Student Recruitment & Admissions at Chicago GSB.

Interesting Fact:

Chicago was the first business school in the world to offer an Executive MBA degree.

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