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Harvard Business School


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Basic Information:

  • Founded: 1908
  • Website: http://www.hbs.edu/
  • Phone: 617.495.6000
  • Address: Soldier Field, Boston MA 02163
  • Academics:

    The Harvard Business School is consistently recognized as one of the top business schools in the U.S.

    Harvard employs a learning process known as the case method. The case method is an interactive approach to business study that brings reality into the classroom. The Harvard Business School faculty works with a variety of organizations to research and write more than 350 new cases each year, ensuring that the curriculum stays up to date.


    MBA Programs
    Executive Education
    Doctoral Programs

    MBA Program:

    The MBA Program focuses on general management skills. During the first year of the program, all students are required to take the same course of study. The required curriculum includes, Finance, Financial Reporting, Marketing, Technology and Operations Management, Business Economy, Strategy, and Negotiation.

    During the second year of study, students may choose from a wide range of curriculums that span all aspects of business.

    Executive Education:

    The Executive Education Program employs an intense interactive learning experience for students. Strongly employing the case method, this program also puts an emphasis on group dynamics, mixing lectures with team projects and presentations.

    Executive Educations offers a variety of programs including, General Management, Financial Management, Strategy, Marketing, Technology and Operations Management, Social Enterprise, Personal Development, and more.

    Doctoral Programs:

    The Doctoral Programs prepare students for careers as professors of management. Doctoral students will spend two years on course work and another two years on their dissertation.

    Degree programs include Accounting and Control, Business Economics, Health Policy, Information Technology and Management, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Policy and Management, and Strategy.


  • Professors: 88
  • Professors of Management Practice: 11
  • Associate Professors: 33
  • Assistant Professors: 62
  • Visiting Faculty: 4

  • MBA: 1800
  • Executive Education: 7,088
  • Doctoral: 91

  • 65,000 Worldwide
  • Admissions:

    Applications, instructions, policies, and materials are available at online at http://www.hbs.edu/ and all applications must be submitted online.

    Interesting Fact:

    Nearly 80% of the cases used for case study in business schools are written by the faculty of Harvard Business School.

    Learn More:

    Interested in learning more about Harvard Business School? Take a tour of the Harvard Business School campus.

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