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McCombs School of Business



Established: 1922
Website: http://www.mccombs.utexas.edu
Phone: (512) 471-5921
Address: 1 University Sta B6000, Austin TX 78712-0201


The Undergraduate Program at McCombs School of Business (University of Texas at Austin) consistently ranks among the best in the country. McCombs is known for their well-rounded curriculum and outstanding faculty. They also offer a wide array of student organizations and internship programs that promote leadership skills and conflict management.


Undergraduate Programs
MBA Programs
Doctoral Programs

Undergraduate Program:

After 30 hours and completion of the core requirements, students may declare their major in one of the following programs: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management and Information Systems, International Business, Business Honors, or Engineering Route to Business. Honors Programs and International Programs are also available.

MBA Programs:

During the first few semesters, students are required to take nine core classes: Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Financial Accounting, Operations, Microeconomics, Information Technology, and Managerial Accounting.
Once the core classes are completed, students can mix and match electives. Unlike many programs, the McCombs MBA Program does not require that students choose a major.

Doctoral Programs:

The five Doctoral Programs offered by McCombs all emphasize the importance of research. Top-notch research facilities and resources are available to all students. The following Doctoral Programs are available: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and MSIS.






McCombs accepts admission applications only for fall semesters. Online applications are preferred. Full application requirements can be found online at http://www.mccombs.utexas.edu

Interesting Fact:

Every year, more than 500 companies recruit on the campus.

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