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Where to Rent Business School Textbooks Online

Save Money by Renting Textbooks for Business School


Renting textbooks is a good way to save money when you are in business school. There are a number of online bookstores that specialize in renting textbooks. Most bookstores have a Netflix-style rental system that delivers textbooks right to your home. In many cases, you can get free shipping both ways on the textbooks you rent.

The following websites rent textbooks to business school students:
  • Chegg - Save up to 85 percent when you rent textbooks from Chegg.
  • Campus Book Rentals - Save up to 85 percent on textbook rentals and get cash when you refer a friend.
  • Skoobit - Save up to 85 percent and get free shipping on 2 million textbook titles.
  • Book Renter - Save up to 75 percent when you rent textbooks from Book Renter.
  • Booksfree.com - Rent an unlimited number or paperback books for $9.99.
  • Book Swim - Rent textbooks and other books for as little as $9.95 per month.

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