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Best Places to Sell Used Business School Textbooks

Where to Sell Your Used Textbooks Online


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There are a number of places to sell used business school textbooks online. Some of the best sites to try include the following:
  • Amazon - You can sell your textbooks on Amazon when you sign up for a free account.
  • Barnes and Noble - Barnes and Noble online is a great place to sell your used business school books.
  • BetterWorldBooks - You can sell or donate your books to this site. BetterWorld pays the shipping.
  • BIGWORDS - Get up to 75 percent of your money back when you use BIGWORD's buyback comparison tool.
  • Blue Rectangle - This site pays the shipping when you sell your used textbooks to them.
  • Book Scouter - Use this site to find the website that will buy your used textbooks for the highest price.
  • BookByte - You can get instant quotes and free shipping when you sell used textbooks on BookByte.
  • BooksIntoCash - This long-established site offers fast payment and free shipping to students who want to get rid of old textbooks.
  • BooksValue.com - This site buys used textbooks from both students and faculty.
  • Cash 4 Books - You can receive payment within three business days when you sell used textbooks to this website.
  • CKY Books - CKY will send you payment within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your used textbooks.
  • CollegeSmarts - You can sell and trade your used textbooks on CollegeSmarts.
  • Craigslist - Craigslist is a great place to sell anything--textbooks are no exception.
  • eBay - On eBay, you can set a reserve and get the price you need for your used textbooks.
  • eCampus - This site offers great buyback prices and free UPS shipping.
  • eTextShop.com - This site guarantees the most money for your used textbooks. Other perks include free shipping and fast payment.
  • Facebook Marketplace - You can find a lot of textbooks buyers on Facebook's Marketplace.
  • Half.com - This eBay site is a great place to sell used textbooks.
  • Kijiji - This classifieds site is a good place to sell used textbooks and other school supplies.
  • MoneyForBooks.com - Get free shipping labels, fast payment, and other perks from this site.
  • SellBackBooks - This site offers instant quotes and fast payment with direct deposits.
  • Textbook Buyer - You can sell used textbooks, manuals and other study materials through Textbook Buyer.
  • TextbookX.com - This site pays 200 percent more than bookstores that buy textbooks.
  • Valore Books - Valore is known for having some of the highest buyback prices.

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