1. Education
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Business Majors – Accounting

Accounting Information for Business Majors


Accounting is a popular business major. Nearly every business in existence needs an accountant.

Accounting Coursework
You shouldn't assume that accounting is all about crunching numbers. As a business major in an accounting program, you will learn how to approach, analyze, and shape financial practices within a business or organization. Through your studies, you will gain an understanding of how finances work and how they affect the bottom line.

Working as an Accountant
Upon graduation, business majors who have completed an accounting program will be able to seek employment within the accounting field. The type of job you will hold and the type of firm that you will work for will depend on your specialization within an accounting program, as well as your level of education.

Educational Requirements Educational requirements vary depending on your specialization and desired profession. Program lengths can also vary by institution. To get an idea of what may be expected of you, follow these links: Accounting Programs for Business Majors
There are many different diploma, degree, and certificate programs that exist for aspiring business majors who are interested in accounting. You can either choose to study on location at a campus or through a distance learning program.

Career Information
To learn more about the career and salary potential for accountants, see the Job Profile for Accountants.

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