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Business Majors: Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management Information for Business Majors


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Hospitality management is part of the service industry—an industry that brings in more money and creates more jobs than any other. Business majors who have obtained a hospitality management degree, diploma, or certificate should have no problem securing a management position in this growing field.

Hospitality Management Coursework
Business majors who study hospitality management usually focus on learning general management skills, as well as skills that are central to this industry. Examples include: purchasing, travel and tourism trends, and advertising.

Educational Requirements
Educational requirements for aspiring hospitality managers vary depending upon the career goal. Someone wishing to work in casino management will need a different education than someone who wishes to work as an event planner. To get an idea of what might be expected of you in different hospitality management programs, follow these links: Hospitality Management Programs for Business Majors
There are thousands of schools that offer some type of hospitality management program. You can choose to earn anything from a certificate and a diploma to a full-fledged degree. Getting a formal education is often recommended in the field. Classroom time can supplement hands-on experience, and open up doors that may not have otherwise existed.

Working in Hospitality Management
After completing a hospitality management program, business majors should be able to secure at least entry-level employment within the hospitality management field. Possible job opportunities include, but are not limited to:
  • Hotel/Motel Manager
  • Tourism/Travel Agent
  • Casino Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Facilities Manager
Additional Career Information
To learn more about the career and salary potential for business majors with a hospitality management degree, see the Job Profile for Hotel and Motel Managers

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