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Your First Year of Business School

What's the First Year of Business School Like?


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The first year of business school is exciting, but it can also be very stressful. In addition to becoming familiar with professors, students, and academic subjects, you will be expected to absorb an incredible amount of material right from the get go.

First Year Business School Coursework
If the business school you choose to attend offers a core curriculum, you can expect to complete approximately 70% of the required coursework in the first year.

You will most likely be enrolled in at least four core classes in the first term or trimester of the first year. Each class will last an average of two hours, and will take place twice per week, leaving a fifth day open for individual or group study.

Other First Year Activities
The first year of business school is mainly about academics (you will get into career prep in the second year). However, you will also benefit from participating in other activities.

Most first year business schools focus on networking, and building relationships with fellow students. If you are handling the workload well in the first year, you can consider taking electives that appeal to you, or participation in extracurricular activities.

Last but not least, first year business school students will want to aggressively pursue summer jobs and internships. Recruiting for summer positions usually occurs in January, February, and March, but may begin as early as October of the previous year.

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