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Study Tips – Preparing for a Test


Tests are normally given to measure a student’s understanding of class material. Taking a test can be a stressful event for any student. When it comes to taking tests, there is no real substitute for preparation.

Now, you may be thinking that the only way to make sure that you are fully prepared is to study hard and know your subject. However, there are a few other things that you can do that will help you prepare for a test and ensure your success.
  • Complete your regular schoolwork. Attending class every day and completing all of your class assignments on a regular basis can be very important when it comes to retaining information. Do the work and you will do better on your tests. Guaranteed.

  • Study regularly. Don’t wait until the last minute to cram for a test. Use the night before a test wisely. Instead of cramming, prepare for a test by taking time to review what you have already studied.

  • Understand how the test content is organized. Is the test multiple choice, true or false, and/or essay-style? Ask the teacher to find out. Just knowing how the questions are organized will help you prepare for a test.

  • Find out how the test is scored. Again, ask your teacher for more information. Are certain portions of the test more important than others? Are there penalty points for skipping questions? Once you understand how the test will be scored, you will know what you need to work on most.

  • Eat and sleep. Eating properly can have an amazing impact on your body and mind. A good night’s sleep will affect you similarly. Make sure you take time to sleep well the night before a test and when you wake up, eat a hearty and nutritious breakfast.

  • Relax. This is the most common advice given to test-taking students. It’s also the best advice you will ever get. The more agitated you are, the worse you will do. If you are feeling nervous, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Better yet, take five deep breaths. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply until you feel calm.

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