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GMAT Prep Course Discounts


Veritas GMAT Prep Course Discount:

Veritas GMAT is offering an exclusive 10% discount to About.com readers. The discount can be applied when you register for any of Veritas' test prep services online. Learn more about the Veritas GMAT Discount.

ManhattanGMAT Prep Course Discount:

ManhattanGMAT offers an exclusive 10% discount on ManhattanGMAT prep courses. This discount was created especially for About.com readers. Learn more about the ManhattanGMAT Discount.

PowerScore GMAT Prep Course Discount:

PowerScore is also offering an exclusive 10% discount to About.com readers. This discount can be applied to any PowerScore GMAT prep course. Learn more about the PowerScore GMAT Discount.

Manhattan Review GMAT Prep Course Discount:

Manhattan Review is currently offering About.com readers an exclusive discount on GMAT test prep and MBA admissions services. Readers can save 10% off single Manhattan Review GMAT Test Preparation/MBA Admissions services and 15% off combined services. Learn more about the Manhattan Review GMAT discounts.

GMAT Pill Study Method Discount:

About.com readers can get an exclusive and generous 25% discount on the Triple Pill Combo Package: Data Sufficiency Pill + Sentence Correction + Critical Reasoning + Bonus Flash Card Videos. To receive this special discount, sign up through this GMAT Pill link.

Stratus Prep Discount:

Stratus Prep is offering a 10% discount on prep services. Find out how you can take advantage of the Status Prep discount.
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