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Learn more about the advantages of choosing to major in business in undergraduate school, find out what classes and career prospects are like, get information on undergrad business school admissions, the SAT, and much more here.
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The Best 373 Colleges
The 2011 edition of The Best 373 Colleges includes 62 college ranking lists and profiles of 373 of the best colleges in the U.S. and Canada.

Reasons to Become a Business Major
Thinking about business school? Here are three good reasons to become a business major.

Should I Earn an Associate Degree?
Thinking about earning your associate degree? Check out this article, which lists reasons to get an associate degree and information about choosing an associate degree program.

Should I Earn a Bachelor Degree?
Thinking about earning your bachelor degree? Check out this article, which lists reasons to get a bachelor degree and information about choosing a bachelor degree program.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree
A Bachelor of Business Administration degree is an excellent option for undergraduate students who are interested in majoring in business. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree, or BBA degree, offers opportunities for specialization, allowing you to tailor your degree to your specific career goals. Read more about earning a BBA degree,...

Applying to a BBA Program
Admissions to BBA programs can be competitive. Find out what tasks you will have to complete as part of the admissions process and get tips on how to get into your BBA program of choice.

Are You an MBA Candidate?
Not everyone is suited for an MBA program. Find out what most MBAs have in common to determine if you're an MBA candidate.

MBA Admissions Tips for International Students
Almost all MBA programs welcome international students. However, admissions can be competitive. Here are a few can't miss MBA admissions tips for international students.

High School Preparation Tips for Aspiring Business Majors
Aspiring Business Majors! This article offers tips on how you can prepare to become a business major while you are still in high school.

Degree and Certificate Options for Aspiring Business Majors
Are you an aspiring business major? Are you wondering what type of business programs are available? This articles examines the different business degree, diploma, and certificate programs that are available.

Top Undergraduate Level Business Schools
Every year schools receive rankings from various organizations and publications. These rankings are determined by a variety of factors and can be useful when choosing an undergraduate school. Get the list of top undergraduate schools here.

How to Evaluate a Business School
Not sure which business schools are a good match for your career goals? Learn how to properly evaluate a business school.

Business School- Types of Business School Degrees
Earning a business degree can greatly increase your job opportunities and earning potential. There are many different business disciplines that can be pursued and combined. The options shown below are the most common business school concentrations and degrees.

Online Degrees – Will Anyone Hire a Grad with an Online Business Degree
If you are considering an online degree, you may be worried that your degree will not be considered valuable when it comes time to look for a job. This article can ease your worries by providing information about online business degrees and their status in the workplace.

Distance Learning What is Distance Learning?
Distance learning programs have come a long way. Read on to learn more about the different distance learning options available today.

Business School- What It Is and Why You Need It
Get the basics of business school here. Find out what it is, why you should attend, and what careers will be available to you after you get your business degree.

Undergraduate Degrees and MBA Programs
Many people wonder if you have to have an undergraduate degree in business to apply to an MBA program. You can find the answer to this frequently asked question here.

America's Best Value Colleges
America's Best Value Colleges is the best guide I have seen for students who want to get a quality education at a fair price. Read the full book review here.

Best Value Public Colleges
- From AMERICA'S BEST VALUE COLLEGES: 2007 EDITION (Random House/Princeton Review Books, $18.95)

Best Value Private Colleges
- From AMERICA'S BEST VALUE COLLEGES: 2007 EDITION (Random House/Princeton Review Books, $18.95)

Complete Book of Colleges
One of the largest and most extensive guides in existence, Complete Book of Colleges is a must have for college bound students. Get the full book review here.

Undergraduate School – Choosing a School
Choosing a school for undergraduate study can be difficult because there are many different factors to consider. Find out where you can get information that will help you decide which undergraduate school is right for you.

Online Degrees and Scholarships
This link will take you to a website that offers an alphabetical list of colleges and universities. Each academic establishment featured provides online programs of study. The site also offers information on online degrees and scholarships.

Relocating – Calculating the Cost of Living
Thinking about relocation? Find out more about cost of living expenses and learn how much the cost of living is for your destination.

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