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Haas School of Business (University of California- Berkley)


Haas Basics:

Established: 1898
Address: 545 Student Services #1900, Berkeley CA 94720-1900
Phone: 510.642.7989
Website: www.haas.berkeley.edu/

Haas Academics:

The Haas School of Business is located at the University of California at Berkeley, which is considered to be one of the most esteemed universities in the world. The curriculum is based upon three factors: innovation, global excellence, and community, but Haas also stresses the importance of teamwork and entrepreneurship.

Haas Programs:

Undergraduate Program
MBA Programs
Doctoral Programs
Executive Education

Undergraduate Program:

Consistently ranked as one of the top in the US, the undergraduate program at Haas is highly competitive. Students begin the program after their sophomore year and are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree upon completion.

MBA Programs:

The MBA Programs offered at Haas focus on management fundamentals and leadership skills. Students are exposed to the latest in business trends and global policies. After completing a core curriculum that hones quantitative, analytical, strategic, and problem-solving skills, students choose from a very broad range of elective courses.

Doctoral Program:

The Doctoral program offers five fields of specialization: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business and Public Policy, and Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations. After choosing a field, students evaluate it and attempt to advance it by applying theories from social sciences, mathematics, or statistics.

Executive Education:

Executive Education courses are offered throughout the year at client sites and on campus. Curriculum includes custom programming and traditional programming, such as Leadership, Management and Innovation, and Finance.

Haas Statistics:

Students: 2,134 in six different degree programs
Staff: 178 members
Alumni: 38,000 worldwide

Interesting Fact:

The Haas School of Business is the oldest U.S. business school located at a public university.

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