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Undergraduate School – Choosing a School


Choosing a school for undergraduate study can be difficult because there are many different factors to consider. The school’s location, size, cost, curriculum, and placement statistics should all be taken into account.

If you know which field or industry you want to enter after graduation, you should choose a school that specializes in your concentration. There are many different resources that you can use to help you evaluate your options.

Guidance Counselors

Guidance counselors can help point you in the right direction. Most guidance counselors have information on financial aid programs, application deadlines, campus locations, etc.

College Fairs

College fairs are a good place to learn more about the opportunities that are available to you. You can meet with admissions representatives and talk one-on-one. Learn as much as you can about each school’s course options, programs, and admission requirements. Because there are so many options at college fairs, be prepared before you go. Make a list of schools that meet your size, location, and program requirements and focus on your choice at the fair.

The Internet

There are endless resources on the web that can help when choosing an undergraduate school. Many schools offer online catalogs, and the schools who don’t provide contact information that will enable you to order one. To view a collection of catalogs, visit www.collegesource.org.

Campus Tours

Sometimes the best was to evaluate a school is by visiting the campus. Campus visits provide an opportunity to meet with students and faculty. You can also visit campus facilities and sit in on classes.

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