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Readers Respond: Best Places to Sell Used Textbooks for Cash

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There are lots of different places to sell used textbooks for cash. Where do you like to sell your used textbooks? Why? Share Your Favorite

Check BLOXout.com to Sell your Old books

Need a book? OR do you have books that you have already read and want to lend/exchange? Visit http://www.bloxout.com to exchange books and CDs/DVDs and help share knowledge and resources within the community. First 100 BLOXers get Gift Vouchers :)
—Guest Adrij Rai

Sell old books

If you are in India, sell your books by listing for free on readbrary.com
—Guest Readbrary


Great customer service and my payment is always issued fast.
—Guest Sara


Sell back your high school and college textbooks and books 24/7 365 days a year. We pay fast by check or PayPal.
—Guest Eric Wallor


A new kid on the block, and it allows you to sell to students directly, locally and internationally. Free for sellers.
—Guest Thomas


A lot of information about how to sell textbooks, textbook sales, etc. This site helps me feel like I know what books I want to sell and which ones I'd like to keep.
—Guest Cheyenne

I would use PostYourBook.com

I think you guys should put postyourbook.com up there. Probably one of the biggest websites for college students to buy and sell their textbooks to each other..
—Guest ashleyelihy

Mybookcart.com - Sell back textbooks

I've sell my textbooks to Mybookcart.com. They are super easy, provide free shipping, and provide free tracking for my shipments. They pay fast by check or PayPal.
—Guest Heather

We Buy Books best in UK

In the UK I sold my text books to a site called www.webuybooks.co.uk I was very impressed with the service I received.
—Guest Diana

Readers Respond: Best Places to Sell Use

I like using YourBookstore.com to sell used textbooks. The YourBookstore.com site has a buyback comparison tool which helps you get the best price possible. There have been some cases in which I have been able to recoup as much as 75 percent of the money I used to buy a book. http://www.YourBookstore.com
—Guest Your Bookstore

TextbookTime.com Buyback is the best

TextbookTime.com makes it easy to save money on college textbooks, used textbooks, cheap textbooks and digital textbooks you need. TextbookTime.com has the most used textbooks on the planet, the largest selection of digital textbooks and ebooks and the fastest shipping on textbooks to anywhere in the USA. Get cash for books when you sell textbooks through our textbook buyback program. Whether you are looking to buy textbooks, sell textbooks or rent textbooks, we have the college books you need at the low textbook prices you want.
—Guest TextbookTime.com

Cheapest books with AffordTextbooks.com

There are many ways to shop for textbooks but comparing textbook prices using affordtextbooks.com finds the cheapest.
—Guest Ryan Colls

Best places to sell used textbooks

www.zulubooks.co.uk its new only costs £1 to list you book until sold and is run by former students
—Guest sean


Been on the internet since 2000, an online venue for students wishing to sell textbooks.
—Guest Me

Sell Used Textbooks GreenTextbooks.com

The place I like to sell my books back to is http://www.GreenTextbooks.com , they all ways seem to get me the most money out of any other site. You should check it out for yourself and see how much money you can get for your books! Super simple and you'll have your books sold in no time.
—Guest GreenTextbooks

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Best Places to Sell Used Textbooks for Cash

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